I’m a Software Architect / Engineer with close to 30 years experience. My main languages these days are Scala and Rust.

I have extensive experience with distributed computing and for the last few years have been involved with several projects where I have built SQL parsers, query planners and optimizers, as well as distributed query execution capabilities.

I also have experience with various Hadoop related technologies such as Apache Spark, Apache Parquet, Apache Arrow, HDFS, Thrift and so on.

I am an active contributer to the Apache Arrow project for the Rust implementation.

I have also worked at a Founder / Executive level within small startups.

As you can probably guess from this site, I’m not a UX guy, but I’m working on it as one of my goals for 2018.

Recent Certifications


Professional Experience

Principal Software Engineer @ RMS (since Sep 2017)

Co-Founder & CTO @ Raven Data Security (Jan 2017 - Sep 2017)

Chief Architect @ AgilData (Dec 2014 - Jan 2017)

AgilData’s mission is to make developers around the world happier and more productive by simplifying how they work with data. CodeFutures pivoted in Dec 2014 to become AgilData, with a new CEO and a new strategic investor.

Chief Architect @ CodeFutures (Aug 2007 - Dec 2014)

CodeFutures provided hosted solutions for scaling MySQL databases based on database sharding.

Software Architect/Developer @ Rogue Wave Software (Oct 2005 - Aug 2007)

Rogue Wave Software was historically a C tools company but was in the process of building out a new enterprise data processing product based on Java technologies.

Founder and CTO @ Code Futures Software (Jan 2003 - Oct 2005)

This was my consulting company and I also developed and marketed my own product, FireStorm/DAO, a code generator, which is now used by more than 300 companies worldwide.

As a contractor, I worked in the following roles:

Engineering Manager / Product Manager @ Cape Clear Software (Nov 2000 - Dec 2002)

Cape Clear was a “web services” company, with a product that made it easy to expose existing J2EE and CORBA services via SOAP and WSDL.

Co-Founder & CTO @ Orbware Technologies (Dec 1999 - Nov 2000)

This was my first startup. We built one of the earliest commercial J2EE/EJB servers and sold the company within 12 months.

Earlier Roles


Outside of work, I am active in the Maker community, volunteering as Media Relations Officer at The Gizmo Dojo (the Broomfield makerspace) and I also support them at local maker faires. I enjoy working on hobby projects involving embedded hardware (Arduino/AVR, Raspberry Pi, etc.), digital electronics, and 3D printing.

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